• We are beaming with pride over the tremendous growth our daughter achieved during her time with Jessie! We were fortunate enough to be referred to Jessie through a friend after learning our child was struggling with reading expectations for first grade. In 15 months of weekly tutoring, our daughter increased her reading skills the equivalent of two full school years!

    Jessie is exceptional! Words can not describe how impressed we are with her and how thankful we are for our time together. Jessie is patient, caring, and full of creative ways to inspire children to learn. She is a wonderful mentor to children and an invaluable educational partner for parents. R. R. (parent)

    • We started our son in “Math Club” with Jessie when he was in second grade, and he worked with her for almost two years.  Our son was good at math and interested in it, and we wanted to build on that enthusiasm.  He loved working with Jessie and was always happy to go.  She really lit up his “math brain” and helped him experience the joy of using his brain to crunch through challenging problems.

      Jessie inspires kids to work hard and is a very kind and encouraging teacher.  Working with her helped our son build his math skills and his overall confidence as well.

      Jessie is a skilled professional who has the knowledge, experience and multiple strategies at the ready to teach math (rather than just knowing how to do math, which is all I had to offer).  I am really happy that we arranged for our son to work with her.  K. L. (parent)

    • Jessie is very fun to work with, and the problems she makes are pretty interesting.  The games are really fun!  I got to work with my friends.  We did a lot of math.  I think math is awesomely awesome times 27. –- J. L. (student)
    • We can not thank Jessie enough for the impact she has had on our son’s life. Having him grow as a reader and writer was our only goal. Not only did she help him with that, she took away the stigma of needing a tutor, as well as build up his confidence. –- S. B. (parent)
    • We brought our daughter to Jessie for tutoring in reading in the middle of her first grade year as her school assessment placed her reading level at the beginning of kindergarten. By the end of first grade, she had caught up with her class and was almost reading at grade level. This was a huge testament to Jessie’s teaching and guidance as it turned out that she was extremely dyslexic. We kept her going during the summer, and when she started second grade, she had not lost anything over the summer holiday and was able to continue learning in school as if she had never had a break.

      Jessie was extremely kind and patient with our daughter, and she was very thorough with her assignments. She always managed to keep our daughter motivated and challenged (no easy feat), yet also held her accountable for her progress in a very firm but gentle manner.

      One of the things I especially loved about working with Jessie is that she was open to trying new things, was very involved with our daughter’s school lesson plan, and worked with our daughter’s teacher so she addressed her issues from a holistic standpoint. The other special touch she gave us was that she would go to the public library and pick out new books for our child every week.

      Our daughter thrived under Jessie’s tutelage, and we continued to see her until she moved out of town. I still haven’t found anyone who has been as good a tutor as Jessie, and we wish she were still here!  — V.F. (parent) 

    • Jessie is a terrific educator!  I have seen her teach children who needed further help as well as those who needed more challenge.  In both cases, she is kind, respectful, funny and helpful with students.  She builds a strong personal relationship in order to make children feel comfortable being with her and motivated to try their best.

      There is no time wasted as Jessie is always organized and prepared for each tutoring session.  She is extremely patient if children need continued practice with a concept, using both manipulatives and paper/pencil activities to reinforce skills.  We are so grateful for Jessie’s help with our son—she was able to get him to grade level when he fell behind.  –- W.E. (parent)

    • Jessie is fun and nice.  She helped me learn math that I was struggling with.  —M. E. (student)


    Additional references available upon request